Q3-Q4, 2024
- Staking and Subscription Implementation: Implement $HKLS staking and subscription options to incentivize token utilization and foster community engagement.
- Safe Migrate Development: Develop Safe Migrate for secure migration options and integrate it with the first B2B partners for real-world use cases.
    Q2, 2024
    - Partnership Announcements: Announce new partnerships to further expand the platform’s reach and capabilities.
    - RPG Bot Beta Testing: Release the RPG bot for beta testing and aim to onboard the first 1,000 users, gathering feedback for improvements.
    - Crypto Conference Attendance: Continue attending crypto conferences to build relationships, gain insights, and attract potential investors.
    - Public Sale and Exchange Listings: Conduct a public sale and list the token on exchanges to increase liquidity and accessibility.
    - Smart Contract Development Preparation: Prepare for the development of vesting, staking smart contracts to enhance token utility and governance.
      Q1, 2024
      In progress
      - Marketing Campaign Launch: Kickstart marketing activities to increase brand visibility and attract a wider user base.
      - Pirate Quest Season 2: Launch the second season of the Pirate Quest to maintain community engagement and excitement.
      - Rug Pull Protection Bot Release: Release the internal version of the rug pull protection Telegram bot (RPG) for testing and refinement.
      - Event Participation: Attend crypto conferences and offline cybersecurity events to network, showcase products, and stay updated on industry trends.
        Q3-Q4, 2023
        - Sentinel Beta Release: Roll out the beta version of Sentinel for testing, focusing on refining its functionalities and ensuring robust security measures.
        - Stable Release of Wallet Rescue: Launch the stable version of Wallet Rescue after addressing feedback from beta testing, ensuring a reliable and user-friendly experience.
        - Pixel Pirate Quest: Release the Pixel Pirate quest to engage the community and drive user participation.
        - Watchdog Development: Commence development of Watchdog service for proactive monitoring and analysis of transactions, emphasizing hack prevention.
        - Rug Pull Protection Bot: Begin development of a Telegram bot for rug pull protection, aiming to safeguard users from fraudulent activities.
        - Partnerships and Integrations: Forge new partnerships and integrate products to expand the platform’s ecosystem and enhance its value proposition.
        - Wallet Rescue Milestone: Achieve a milestone of 1,000 transactions through the Wallet Rescue dapp, demonstrating its adoption and effectiveness.
          Q2, 2023
          - Wallet Rescue Beta Testing: Launch the beta version of Wallet Rescue for testing within the community. Focus on saving funds and gathering feedback for improvements.
          - B2B Client Acquisition: Secure partnerships with the first B2B clients for integrating the AntiSandwich widget, demonstrating its effectiveness and value proposition.
          - Sentinel Service Development: Begin development of Sentinel service to enhance security measures and threat detection within the platform.
            Q1, 2023
            - Wallet Rescue released for beta testing and saved funds for many of our community members.
            - Attracted first B2B clients for AntiSandwich widget integration.
            - Started development of Sentinel service.
            - Preparation for the development of vesting, staking and token’s smart contracts.
              Q3-Q4, 2022
              - Finished developing the beta version of Wallet Rescue and saved more than $700k for our users and partners by using the product.
              - Development and testing of AntiSandwich. Launched the first public version that attracted more than 10k users.
              - Raised a private round by top industry players for $HKLS - our native token.
                Q1-Q2, 2022
                - Created a vision and developed concepts of our products, their structure and architecture.
                - Partnered with top Blockchain security and development companies.
                - Development of Conductor MVP version - an early name for Wallet Rescue.
                  Q4, 2021
                  - The Hackless story starts with winning the ETH Lisbon Hackathon where a concept of a funds migration solution was presented.